Why spinning rocks! The science behind it.

Spinning isn’t just about making you fast on a bike. At our spin classes in Henley-on-Thames we see clients with a wide range of motivations from seasoned cyclists to keep fit enthusiasts.

Spinning has a huge number of benefits and I won’t bore you to death with all of them, but I thought I’d bring some of the best bits to your attention here.

 Spinning keeps you moving! Cycling is a key way to increase quadriceps and glute strength, and this in turn plays a large role in slowing down arthritis in the knee and hip. This helps all ages from young to old. (Read the research!)

Spinning boosts your metabolism!   As your quadriceps and glute strengthen, this in turn builds your skeletal muscle mass, which means that each day your body burns more calories. Not only do you get the burn during the class, but for the next 24 hours as your body adapts. This plays a large role in effective weight management and weight loss, should this be one of your goals. (Read the research!)

Spinning makes you feel better! Yes, BETTER. During hard exercise the body releases a huge number of naturally occurring chemicals that make you feel more positive and energetic. Over the last decade science has unequivocally proven there are vast mental benefits to exercise. Try our 6am class on a Friday and prove this for yourself! (Read the research)

Spinning makes you live longer! Getting fit through spinning not only means that you can get up your stairs with greater ease, or cycle up a huge mountain faster.  It also means that you’ll protect your heart and circulatory system from all the other nasty things life tries to throw at you. (Read the research!)

We have spin classes in Henley-on-Thames all week and at a variety of times, thus suiting  all diaries. Get booked in today and reap the rewards of a spin with Henley Practice!

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