Skiing – prepare yourself for the slopes with circuits and ski-specific exercises

With winter here, packing up and heading to the slopes to indulge your love of skiing is a tempting scenario but are you worried about your fitness or that recent niggle that may hold you back or put you at risk of injury? Ever wanted to know the most effective and time efficient ways to train for your holiday in the mountains? Then why not book an appointment with our physiotherapist in Henley-on-Thames, Lucy Lougher.

Lucy developed a ski and snowboarding specialism when she lived and worked in the Alps as a physiotherapist. Here she treated both amateur and professional skiers. Injuries are common on the slopes. Lucy highlights that ‘skiing uses completely different muscle groups required from other more conventional daily activities and the majority of us put our bodies through far more physical stress than is required from us whilst sat behind a desk at work!’.

Doing some simple preparation in the weeks leading up to a ski trip as well as doing exercises while on your holiday can help improve your ski performance and help avoid strains and aching joints. Not only can Lucy help minimise those niggles before you hit the slopes, to give you a more enjoyable holiday, she can also assess biomechanics, weight distribution, proprioception, flexibility and strength, all of which are hugely important in maximising your holiday enjoyment and minimise your risk of injury.

Did you know…

  • You are most likely to injure yourself on a blue slope on the third day of your holiday or on a green slope on
  • the last day of your holiday.
  • Women are three times more likely to sustain a soft tissue injury than men.
  • On average, there are two to three injuries per 1000 skier days.
  • Skiers bias towards lower limb injuries, while Boarders bias towards upper limb injuries.*

‘Don’t leave it till the last minute. Preparation is the key!’ says Lucy

Why not consider signing up to our circuit classes as well to help build your lower limb and core strength before jetting off to the sunny mountains and mulled wine! Circuits take place on Tuesday and Thursday morning at 7am-8am and are organised by personal trainer, Tom Sturgess. If however you are unfortunate enough to suffer an accident whilst on the slopes, book an appointment on your return with Lucy, our resident physiotherapist in Henley-on-Thames.

(* – the largest British ski Physiotherapist company in the French Alps)

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