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We are pleased to  offer a wide range of pilates classes based in our studios in Henley-on-Thames. At Henley Practice our instructors focus their instruction around the six key principles of Pilates that were developed from its creation by Robin Pilates and subsequent early students of Pilates.

These six key principles are:-

  • Centring: The primary focus is that all movements and control originates from our centre and that this is the key to coordinated purposeful movement.
  • Concentration: In order to achieve success in Pilates all students must concentrate on the purpose of each exercise, it is not a ‘learn by rote’ discipline but a ‘learn by understanding’ discipline.
  • Control: The ability to control mind and body will allow precise execution of each exercise and therefore Pilates as a whole.
  • Precision: There is no ‘ok’ in Pilates – it is either done well or not… Each student must work on the key details and precise nature of each movement. Failure to work on precision will lead to poor results.
  • Breath: Controlled breathing has the ability to transform body and mind. Synchronising inhalation and exhalation to movements enables us to gain further energy and a heightened state of connectivity.
  • Flow: Once the above have been mastered each student will be able to flow from one movement to the next through the length of the class.

It is due to the exacting nature of Pilates that it is recommended by many medical practitioners. If you are looking for pilates in Henley-on-Thames  then why not have a look at out timetable or get in touch to find the class to suit you?