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Babies and Children

Even the most natural birth and start of life can result in stress to such a delicate system. Treating babies and children involves very gentle techniques called “touch and hold”. Children and babies are extremely adaptable meaning they respond wonderfully to chiropractic care.

Your First Visit

Your first visit will be around 60 minutes; with our paediatric appointments we are flexible as your baby is in charge. We allow time for nappy changing and feeding (it is useful for us to see your baby being fed).

A full clinical history will be taken including questions about your pregnancy, your birth and the health of your baby. Then we will complete a full examination, checking your baby’s spine, pelvis, hips and the surrounding muscles for areas of tension or lack of movement. We will also check your baby’s reflexes, cranial nerves and nervous system.

If your little one is suitable for chiropractic care, we will talk through your options and a treatment plan with you. Your baby will then have their first treatment.


Chiropractic treatment for an infant is gentle and uses a fingertip light touch to areas of the spine, pelvis and muscles to relax areas of tension. We have special baby beanbags, which most babies are comfortable lying on, however some babies prefer being held or lying on mum.

We are passionate about using the best available evidence to help your child, offering advice and support in all areas.

What Do I Need To Bring With Me?

For your first appointment, we ask you to bring your baby’s red book and any relevant information for our clinical history such as current or past medications (for baby and for Mum), scans, investigations or letters.


During pregnancy there are many natural changes your body goes through. The ligaments in your body become softer and stretch to prepare your body for labour. Your center of gravity will shift; as your baby grows there will be increase in the curve of your lower back.

Your body’s adaptations to pregnancy are normal but they can result in discomfort and pain; over half of all expectant mothers will suffer from pregnancy-related back pain. Lower back pain, mid back pain and pelvic pain are all commonly experienced during pregnancy and can all be gently and effectively eased with chiropractic care.

Your First Visit

During your first appointment we will discuss your symptoms, when they started and where you are feeling the pain, as well as your past medical history and any previous pregnancies and births, work history and about any accidents or falls.

Next we will do an examination, checking your pelvic joints, lumbar spine, hips, and muscles surrounding the areas for stiffness, tension and imbalance. We can then discuss the findings and treatment options; these can vary depending on the history of the symptoms to how many weeks pregnant you are.


Specialised gentle and comfortable techniques are used to work with your spine, pelvis and surrounding muscles to help alleviate musculoskeletal pain throughout your pregnancy.

Treatment may include gentle manual therapy to encourage normal movement, as well as some soft tissue work to the muscles and ligaments using fascial release.

Additional advice on stretching, posture and exercises that are safe during pregnancy may be advised, along with exercises to encourage proper use of the pelvic floor and core stomach muscles.