Next level training with lactate threshold testing

If you want to take your cycling to the next level this season and train and race with purpose and precision, we can now help!

We’ve recently added a BSXInsight device to our array of equipment at the practice. The BSX Insight is a sheath that covers your calf and looks inside your muscles to read, report, and record real-time muscle oxygen levels and data as you train. In doing this, it lets us perform incredibly accurate testing on your performance, with a view to finding your Lactate Threshold.

What is ‘Lactate Threshold?’ I hear you ask…

Well, put as simply as possible, your lactate threshold corresponds to the effort you can sustain for one hour before lactate clearance loses the battle with lactate accumulation. When that battle is lost, that man with the hammer comes to crush you and leave you deep in the red. In practice, it refers to the highest workload that can be maintained for an extended period of time, typically 45-60mins. This metric is expressed both in terms of power (watts) and heart rate (bpm).

The beauty of our new toy is that it takes the guesswork out of working out your lactate threshold. If you have a heart rate monitor and or powermeter, there are various ways of estimating this yourself. However, depending on the type of rider you are, the DIY options aren’t always the most accurate reflection of your threshold. The BSX, however, uses special LED lights which shine into your muscles and measure oxygen saturation changes, assessing the relationship between lactic acid and oxygen levels in the blood. No guesswork there. Pure science.

The importance of knowing your lactate threshold lies in its centrality to calculating your training zones. With these zones, you can train properly and reap the most rewards. So, for example, if you want to build endurance, you would train in one zone, whereas if you wanted to target your sprints, you’d work in another zone. And these zones and metrics can be used in your big goal event, whether that be a ride from London to Paris, or smashing your next club TT.

If you want to be tested with the BSX Insight, we simply book you in for an hour appointment, and run you through a thorough warm up procedure before commencing the test either on our wattbike, or, if you have a power meter, on your own bike on the turbo trainer. If you don’t train to power, the test is still invaluable for heart rate training so bring your heart rate monitor! We will then interpret your results, set your training zones, and help you to understand how to use them in your training, with specificity to your target events.

Being tested for your lactate threshold provides accurate knowledge and understanding that you cannot achieve on your own. And, as they say, knowledge is power…. The power to help you smash your 2017 season!

A 1 hour BSXInsight test including results follow up costs £60 or book four to cover the year for £200 saving you £40. This way your training zones will be accurate throughout the year.

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