Moving like a prime mate should be our primal movement

Renae Busse tells us why moving like a prime mate should be our primal movement!

I am always striving to acquire new knowledge and methods to elevate not only my own wellbeing and lifestyle but those who I encounter as a Personal Trainer.

For the last 6 months I’ve been following the work of Chistopher Sommers (founder of GST-Gymnastic Strength Training) making his work my main focus within my own training and also integrating into my personal training clients  programming the use of animalistic movement patterns to improve mobility, movement and strength. Yes, I do often get that sceptic but also curious stare from clients and onlookers as to what I am doing crawling about like an APE and if there is any true purpose behind it. YES there is!

These Primal Movement patterns our bodies are actually designed to be able to move through but because of todays lifestyle choices and habits these movements for the majority of us feel foreign and are almost impossible to move through with complete ease.

They expose the bodies A-symmetries (tightness/weakness/imbalances) and then work to mobilise these aspects. As a personal trainer it works as a great tool for screening clients in seeing where our starting point lies for moving forward in our programming toward their fitness and lifestyle goals.

If you are looking to improve, elevate and make a positive change with your current lifestyle then I strongly suggest you begin to move like your fellow animal.

Position One

Position Two

Position Three

For more of these movement patterns follow the link to Henley Practice’s youtube channel where you can access these and a whole range of exercises to assist you in your strive to elevate your wellbeing.

If you’d like to take it one step further call or pop into Henley Practice and find out more with our Personal Trainer Renae Busse.

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