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Henley Practice is a multi-discipline centre with experienced professionals covering a wide range of treatment, rehabilitation, conditioning and functional training.

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Meet the Henley Practice Team

Laurence Plant
Laurence PlantChiropractor
Clinic manager and chiropractor; specialising in biomechanics analysis and its use to help prevent pain and improve performance.
Sam Arthur
Sam ArthurStrength & Conditioning
A technique-obsessed strength and conditioning coach who ensures all his clients gain strength and power whilst guarding against future injury.
Renae Busse
Renae BussePersonal Trainer & Sports Massage Therapist
Renae Busse, both Personal Trainer and Sports Massage Therapist, seeks to facilitate her clients with ongoing development through education, practice and exploration.
Kate Copeland
Kate CopelandHatha and VinYin Yoga instructor
Retired from 11 years as a professional rower with the GB Rowing Team. During this time Kate went to 2 Olympic Games, including London where she won a gold medal. Kate has practiced yoga for the past 12 years, and has really come to appreciate it’s potential to both improve sporting performance. It’s one of the only times in the day Kate thinks a lot of people have to really switch off, focus on their breath and their body, and just be in the moment.
Carolyn Parfitt
Carolyn ParfittOsteopath and Sports Medicine
Carolyn Parfitt (MSc. Sports Medicine, M. Ost) has worked in multidisciplinary clinics both in London and across the South East. As part of her Masters degree in Osteopathy she undertook extensive research in the field of chronic lower back pain and its treatment. Carolyn is also a lecturer and clinic tutor at University College of Osteopathy. When she’s not working, Carolyn is a keen athlete, competing in triathlons, half marathons and cycling events. She also enjoys horse riding.
Danielle Allan
Danielle AllanSports Massage and Remedial Therapy
Danielle Allan BTEC (Dip.) NLSSM (Hons)level 5 certified in sports massage and remedial Therapy and an experienced practitioner. She believes Sports and Deep-Tissue massage is crucial to helping clients overcome discomfort caused by both lifestyle and occupational habits.
Tony Robinson
Tony RobinsonSports Therapy & Massage
Tony is a Sports Therapist specialising in Sports Massage Therapy. Being a true South African Englishmen, Tony loves his beloved Springbok rugby team. He also genuinely enjoys the torture of competing in Triathlons.
Laura Vann
Laura VannPilates
Laura came to pilates through her personal experience of recovering from a back injury. She is a powerful advocate for physical exercise and believes that everyone could benefit from incorporating the principles of pilates in their exercise regime.
Ian Brown
Ian BrownStrength & Conditioning Coach
Ian is Head of strength & conditioning for England Independent Schools RFC and specialises in the physical preparation of athletes of all ages.
Callum Hughes
Callum Hughes Retül Bike Fitter
We aim to increase your knowledge of the causes of any aches and pains.
Using 3D motion capture technology, the Retül system accurately measures every degree and millimetre of your position on the bike. This is displayed for you and the fitter to see, helping support the fitter in choices and to help increase your personal riding experience.