Living like a Pretzel

How’s your posture?

Are you seated for the most part of your day? In-front of a computer?

Are you feeling stiff, achy and riddled with niggles?

Well here’s what’s up…

You’re sitting day in day out, bent at the hips and rounded through your back and shoulders, our bodies (the smart arses they are) adapt…..real quick to the environment and circumstances it’s put under, even quicker the more regular and frequent this is.

So our body adapts to that bent position, the muscles in the lower back and front of the hips flexors get tight while your deep core muscles and glutes become weak. This is called Lower and or Upper Crossed Syndrome.

From this slouched position we’ve been in all day we use whatever small window of time we have left in our busy day to day lives to get some of what is good for us in. Whether it is smashing out that HIIT circuit on our lunch break, beating the pavement with a run on route home from the office or getting stuck into the newest cross-fit WOD in attempt to reverse some of the damages we are creating through our current lifestyle choices

If not immediately then over time we generally find ourselves suffering aches, pains, niggles and knots. This is occurring due to the fact that our bodies have now adapted so well to our regular bent up position (poor posture) where muscles are short and tight in the front and long and weak in the back. Then going to attempt to lift a load overhead or squat a load to the floor we are setting ourselves up for pain…..and not the good kind.

Take an overhead press for example; the muscles in our backs which aid the shoulder through movement. If these muscles which assist the shoulders in their movement are weak due to tightness through the anterior, in this case the pecs and therefore are not able to engage to perform their duty. The body finds an alternative to get the work done. Therefore other muscles jump on board to compensate. These muscles can only compensate so well before something has to give.

So in a nut shell we need to take our training focuses more toward releasing or loosening off the tight regions and then in turn strengthen the weak areas to correct our posture. This by no means you can’t still work to your current goals but perhaps look at re-gigging the strategies/ route you take getting there.

Heres what you can do…

  • Keep it simple the chances are you’ll be more likely to continue let alone start altogether by   slowly integrating this change into your daily routine and schedule. It takes 21 days to develop a habit. Do little and often.
  • Regress to Progress scale things back, take small steps. We need to walk before we can run. Ensure you can execute the basics correctly and with good muscle control and stability then gradually work your way up the ladder.

Four Point Hold here is where you can start…

Chin pulled in

Shoulders down and back

Rib cage down

Belly button pulled in toward spine

For how you can continue to take steps in elevating your body and lifestyle further, stay tuned for more blogs from our team here at Henley Practice. Or even better come on in and meet our fantastic team of Personal Trainers, Chiropractors, Sports Massage therapists and Physiotherapists and let us see how we can help you become a stronger, healthier more energetic version of you.

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