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Your First Visit

At your initial consultation your practitioner will take a detailed case history of your symptoms and medical history that may be pertinent.

Following this you will undergo a thorough physical examination to assess the source of your complaint/ areas of concern.

After you initial consultation your practitioner will explain: their findings, your diagnosis, and discuss with you your treatment options and which techniques will work best for you as an individual, as well as the time frame in which we expect an improvement.

We at Athlete Service aim to treat the underlying cause of the problem as well as your day-to-day symptoms.

If you are attending for exercise classing/ coaching or rehabilitation you will be asked to also partake in an initial consultation to enable our practitioners to clearly understand your goals.



A whole range of different therapies will be applied to your treatment plan, from manipulation and mobilization to soft tissue massage, dry needling, exercises rehabilitation and strength and conditioning. Your practitioner will tailor a treatment/training plan for you depending on your problem, your age and your goals.

As part of your program you may also be given some exercises, ergonomic and life-style advice to lessen the likelihood of a recurrence. Our onsite gym with our in-house strength and conditioning instructions make individual programmes designed specifically to each patient depending on their needs and ability level. The programme may include classes, personal training sessions or home exercises.

A typical treatment plan at the Athlete Service includes joint manipulation and mobilisation, sports massage therapy, specific muscle stretching and strengthening through strength and conditioning coaching which you may complete in the onsite gym or can be prescribed as home/work exercises.