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About our Chiropractors

Our chiropractors have years of training, and completed a 5-year, full-time, Masters degree from the prestigious Anglo-European College of Chiropractic. They have practiced in Bournemouth and Henley-on-Thames before becoming part of Henley Practice’s team based at The Oast House, Henley-on-Thames. Our chiropractors have worked with a wide variety of patients; young and old, from two-week-old babies and pregnant patients to elite performance athletes, from Olympic GB rowers to pro-triathletes.

How we can help?

Are you suffering from niggles when sitting at work, pain when training, general aches and pains? Book in to see one of our chiropractors.

Although chiropractors are best known for treating back and neck pain successfully, patients also consult chiropractors regarding a wide range of injuries and problems.

  • Shoulder pain/dysfunction
  • Adhesive capsulitis/ Frozen shoulder
  • Hip and knee osteoarthritis
  • Plantar fasciitis
  • Migraines
  • Neck related headaches and dizziness
  • Hip, knee and foot pain
  • Elbow and wrist pain
  • Pelvic pain during pregnancy

What is Chiropractic?

Chiropractic is a primary healthcare profession that specialises in the diagnosis, treatment and overall management of conditions arising from joints, muscles, tendons, ligament and nerves. Chiropractors use their hands to treat dysfunction of bones, muscles and nerves.

Our chiropractors at Henley Practice have completed a five-year professional training course and have many years of associate experience behind them, so they can offer expert advice and treatment.

People of all ages can benefit from what chiropractic has to offer. Chiropractic involves safe, gentle and specific manipulation and mobilisation of joints in the spine and other parts of the body that are not moving properly.

There are numerous causes of joint dysfunction ranging from birth trauma (prolonged labour or forceps delivery) to stress, injury or ‘wear and tear’. This means that chiropractic care can benefit all ages from 0 to 100 years old.

Although chiropractors are best known for treating back and neck pain successfully, patients also consult chiropractors regarding a wide range of injuries and problems.

Chiropractic treatment

Your first visit

At your initial consultation your chiropractor will take a detailed case history of your symptoms and medical history.

Following this you will undergo a thorough physical examination to assess the source of your complaint.

After your initial consultation your chiropractor will explain their findings, your diagnosis, and discuss your treatment options and which techniques will work best for you as an individual, as well as the timeframe in which we expect an improvement.

Chiropractors aim to treat the underlying cause of the problem as well as your day-to-day symptoms.


Chiropractic treatment includes a whole range of different therapies, from manipulation and mobilisation to sport massage and dry needling. Your chiropractor will tailor a treatment plan for you depending on your problem, your age and your health goals.

Treatment consists of a wide range of manipulative techniques (adjustments). During this process you may hear an audible ‘click’. This is a normal part of the process and should not cause you any significant concern. The ‘click’ can often bring patients instant symptomatic relief. As part of your program you may also be given some exercises, ergonomic and lifestyle advice to lessen the likelihood of a recurrence.

A typical treatment plan at Henley Practice includes joint manipulation and mobilisation, sports massage therapy, specific muscle stretching and strengthening and home or work exercise advice.

What are the side effects?

There are very few risks or side effects associated with chiropractic care, most patients feel some immediate benefit after their first treatment. Occasionally some people experience a little soreness after their initial treatment, some temporary light-headedness can occur and rarely a headache can be evoked. All of these symptoms are considered normal and usually resolve within 24-48 hours.

Will the treatment hurt?

Occasionally with very acute presentations the process can cause some mild discomfort momentarily.

If any part of the process is uncomfortable you must let your chiropractor know as techniques can easily be adapted and modified to minimise discomfort and make the experience more pleasant.

How long will I need treatment for?

Most joint dysfunction builds up over a period of time and many people have had minor symptoms for several years. Restoring reasonable function to the joints may take a number of visits. We normally ask patients to proceed with a series of four treatments (a clinical average) initially to be able to more accurately predict a future treatment plan. People are all very individual, and should be treated accordingly, however, this does makes it impossible to use a prescriptive treatment program in most cases.

When you have reached a certain stage your chiropractor will discuss preventative care with you.

You can read about our chiropractic services for infants and children here.