Challenge is a must in creating change!

Some times we feel as though we try, try, try exercising, eating well, but we feel as though nothing ever seems to change. We become frustrated with ourselves and begin to scold our-selves for something we must be doing wrong. Can you relate?

If you can think of a time you have felt this way or you are currently having these frustrated feelings..STOP! It isn’t that you are not working hard or doing anything wrong it simply means it is time to make a change and with change comes challenge in all aspects of our life.

Learning a new skill, moving to a new town or starting a new job; the same goes when it comes to our health and fitness.

When was the last time you challenged yourself? Took on a task which pushed your usual limitations? Exceeded what you thought were your barriers and then created new ones?

You may answer yes, recently or never. Either way..I’m guessing we are all due to set at least one new CHALLENGE.

Use today, to set a strong pace and tone for your week or what’s left of it. I challenge you to take on a task beginning today and to chip away at throughout your week. Whether it be going up in weights during your resistance training, swapping your 4 glasses of wine of an evening down to 2, preparing your lunches for the week instead of buying them. It can be absolutely anything, big, small, medium it doesn’t matter. It is your challenge to grapple with.

So let’s come together, grab today by the horns and ride the week in the driver’s seat. We are the creators of our experiences and circumstance. What will you choose?

If you want to share your challenge with us or would like some guidance with regard to where to begin or how to kick things up a notch, get in touch with our awesome team at Henley Practice or pop on in and say Hi and let us see how we can help you.

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