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The KOM Café at Henley Practice in Henley on Thames

Kom Cafe at Athlete Service

At last, a cafe in Henley-on-Thames where you can enjoy the best quality artisan coffee.

We pride ourselves on only using quality ingredients and serving you a proper coffee; no vats of super-heated coffee-flavoured milk served here!

Here’s our coffee story…

  • We brew using top quality Arabica coffee beans sourced from UE Coffee Roasters.
  • Ground freshly and accurately using the best of grinders
  • Tamped to the correct pressure
  • Brewed using a Marzocco Strada EE espresso machine, one of the best available on the planet!
  • Using a cup heated to the right temperature (or a takeaway cup if you don’t have time)
  • Finally, (if desired) fresh milk heated and frothed correctly – ideally full fat for the best taste – and in the correct proportion for your coffee so you can still taste it!

Still not convinced – come in and taste the difference. If you honestly don’t like your coffee we’ll give you your money back but we are sure you will agree we have the best coffee in Henley-on-Thames!